Mid-Range & F-Class 600yd Rifle Matches

Matches are held on the second full weekend of the month. Competitors are welcome to shoot Saturday and/or Sunday. Sign-up and Squadding begins at 7:30am, shooting begins at 8:00am. Matches are held every month, but not all matches are NRA approved.

Electronic targets will be used. Competitors are encouraged to bring an electronic device with a browser, capable of opening a web page with a specific IP address.

Rifle Allowed & NRA Rule: Current NRA High Power Rifle rules shall govern this event. Allowable rifles must comply with rule 3.1 for Service Rifle; 3.2 for Any Rifle; 3.3 for Match Rifle; 3.3.1 Palma Rifle; AR-Tactical Rifle; and 22.3.4 (a) & (b) for F-Class Rifle.

See 2023 – 2024 Match Program for details.