Welcome to the PMRPC Rifle Website

Home of the 2024 NRA National Fullbore FClass MidRange Championship

  • October 10-13, 2024
  • Address 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL 32909

Electronic Targets – The Silver Mountain Electronic Scoring system is in use for all shooting on the High Power Range. To use the targets, bring a personal electronic device with a browser capable of opening a webpage by IP address. Directions are posted on the white board under the pole barn. Click here for a cheat sheet!

Microphone procedure – You MUST remove the 2 bottom microphones before putting up or taking down a target frame in the carrier. These are very expensive and I’m finding they are somewhat fragile. ~~ no more twisting the bottom microphones ~~ To remove the microphone, GENTLY pull the base of the microphone to break the magnetic mount.  To install, line up the alignment pins and let the magnets engage.  Please do not twist the microphones, they will break because the new mounts are not designed to be twisted. If you notice a problem with one, please don’t use it and let me (Paul) know.

Sharing the Range –
On even number dates, the ATC shooters will have priority
On odd number dates, F-Class and MidRange shooters will have priority. Fridays are exempt from this. Fridays are first come, first serve.

This, by no means, implies that you can’t shoot F-Class on an odd number date. What it does mean is if you are shooting and someone comes on their day and wants to shoot their discipline, then you need to finish up and either shoot with them, or wait until they are done. It also means, you can shoot anytime you want, but if someone on their day comes, please allow them to have priority.

The Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club is proud to have a 600-yard rifle range in Mid-Florida. PMRPC works hard to keep this facility maintained and functioning. While the 600 yard range is not open to the public, there are numerous events throughout the month open to all rifle competitors. This website is for rifle events on the High Power Range and Smallbore Range. Club events and news can be found at the Club website, www.pmrpc.com.

Paul Bruton, PMRPC Rifle Director