NRA Rifle Types

Updated 05/09/2017 –

3.1 Service Rifle – “May have an optical sight with a maximum power of 4.5 ….” click here for 2017 NRA rule changes

3.2 Any Rifle & 3.7(a) Metallic Sight

3.2 Any Rifle & 3.7(b) Telescopic Sight

3.2 Any Rifle & 3.7(c) Any Sight

3.3 NRA Match Rifle – “A center fire rifle with any sights…” click here for 2017 NRA rule changes

3.3.1 U.S. Palma Rifle

3.3.2 NRA Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Rifle – no longer recognized as a rifle type

3.3.3 NRA MidRange (Prone) Tactical Rifle  (Provisional as of May 2016) – “In order to understand the spirit of this new sport one might think of this sport as “prone Service Rifle with a bipod and a scope”. This IS NOT designed as another version of F-Class competition.” straight from the 2016 NRA Rule changes. – click here for 2016 Rule Changes (page 9 to 11)

22.3.4(a) F-Class Open Rifle
22.3.4(b) F-Class Target Rifle